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empowerbase.com provides consulting, coaching, and technology to help you achieve greatness in your organization, community, and life. Change in human endeavours is always about people and relationships, and our adaptive approach emphasizes empowering people through learning, dialogue, and resources to unleash their ultimate potential.


  • Personalized coaching from experienced professionals.
  • Unleash your potential to achieve your goals in work, relationships, and life
  • Get objective guidance and feedback to help you see new opportunities
  • Focus areas include well-being, organizational change, healing, care-giving, and more.

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Psychologist or coach conducts online consultation at home office, remote work at home.

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  • Experienced change professionals with in-depth expertise in all areas of organizational change
  • Evidence-based approaches designed for your needs
  • On-demand consulting services for when you only need specific specialties

Leverage the diverse offerings of our network of renowned wellness experts

Infuse all aspects of your life with wellness.

Competency Building

Learn the Basics of Changing the World

The book Generating Change is filled with practical, easily applicable methods for you to create the change you want to see

The Amazing 12-Week Habit Change Course

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Learn to create great things in your life by taking this coach-led program that develop your ability to implement powerful new habits in your life.

Live Well for As Long as Possible

Lead Your Energy -- Live Your Purpose

Personal Transformation Coaching With Mia Aittola

Get Involve in Making a Difference