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About Us

empowerbase.com provides consulting, coaching, and technology to help you achieve greatness in your organization, community, and life. Change in human endeavours is always about people and relationships, and our adaptive approach emphasizes empowering people to unleash their ultimate potential.


Personal Transformation

Inner Leadership Coaching

You can live a happier life and accomplish more of what you want if you are aligned on your goals and balanced in your pursuit of them. The Inner Leadership Model developed by Mia Aittola helps you understand where you are concentrating your energy so that you can determine if

Successful Change Coaching

Could you benefit from help in planning or leading an organizational change initiative? Changing organizations always starts with ourselves, and getting clear on the appropriate strategies and methods for change is an activity often best done with input from trusted advisors who can give objective feedback based on experience and

New Book

Generating Change

Real-life change is messy. Conditions change, schedules shift, and people come and go along the way. This soon-to-be-released book, Generating Change: Anytime, Anywhere, by Anybody by Doug Walton offers fundamental, science-based, practical approaches for anyone to create change in any kind of human organization. You learn to be empowered to

Organizational Change Services

Organizational Change

Supercharge You Change Capability

Don’t leave your change initiatives to chance. Successful execution of organizational change depends heavily on the overall organization’s capability to change, and we can collaborate with you to significantly enhance that capability . All change initiatives are different. Some are big and transformational, while others are straightforward and targeted. We

Adaptive, Right-Sized Services for Every Need

Flexible to Your Situation

Do you need help to get your change initiative accomplished? We can provide on-demand change services for every need. From professional coaching, comunications, and training to advanced analytics, we can help you assess what you need and deliver practial, no-nonsense, targeted services. On-Demand Services These services can be called on

Develop Your Team

Tools, Templates, Guides, and Assessments

Simply parachuting a change professional into your organization will have limited effect. Becoming better at change really requires developing an understanding of the basics in your team and organization. We can customize workshops to train your team on the basics of change. We can also help you train a change

Coaches and Consultants

Doug Walton, PhD

Doug is Organizational change consultant with over 30 years experience. He is a change strategist and innovator with extensive knowledge of organizational change practices and methods. Doug passionate about empowering people to consciously change their world for the better. He is an innovator in approaches for accelerated and sustained organizational

Mia Aittola, MS

Transformation Coach and Facilitator. Transformational coaching for personal energy mastery and inner leadership skills. Discover your deeper purpose and create heart-based success.  Be the Leader of Your Life! Mia is here to support you all the way if you desire to make a breakthrough to a more fulfilling life and

Dinesh Chandra, MBA

Organizational Change Management Consultant and Global Leadership Coach with a focus on conscious dialogue with self and others for transformation. He is accomplished in strategy execution and holds an MS, MBA , SCPM, and a Six Sigma Black Belt. Dinesh is here to offer you help as needed for the