Over a half century of organizational and management research has shown that human systems change requires a crucial element: the participation of the stakeholders! Whether business change or social change, new human systems do not emerge unless relationships between the stakeholders become different. Yet there are complex conditions that tend to keep those relationships the same. Thus, change practitioners need to skillfully employ a robust change strategy based on participatory methods to shift the system. This website seeks to provide some of the best tips and tools that I know of for facilitating such systems change.

Doug Walton, PhD

Doug Walton, PhD

I am Doug Walton, PhD, a practitioner, strategist, consultant, and writer of organizational change. I provide coaching and concepts for change leaders and change teams, specializing in participatory, human systems-based approaches that affect the organization on multiple levels.

I am also deeply interested in how technology shapes, and can be used for improving, global democracy.

My first book, Internet-based Framework for Empowering Social Change- An Application of the Principles and Methodologies of Human Systems Design is now available. I have also published a number of articles. Two that were published during the last few years are listed below.

Recently, a chapter that I co-wrote came out in the second volume of Dialogue as a Collective Means of Design Conversation.

Contact: doug@empowerbase.com

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