Publicly Available Assessments

These publicly available assessments can help you get started. Simply take the assessment, and results will be generated.

conscious leadership assessment tile

Conscious companies are better brought about by people who actively engage in conscious leadership behaviors. Use this assessment to get feedback on how well you practice conscious leadership behaviors.

Emppowerbase Tile

Assesses your wellbeing along the eight critical internal and external dimensions. The assessment provides guidance for improving each dimension.

personal energy flow assessement tile

This assessment contains 36 statements divided into 6 fields describing the different aspects of your life: physical, emotional, professional, social, mental and spiritual.

change initiative assessment tile

This short assessment will help you understand the status and risk factors of your change initiative. There are many factors involved and many types of change initiatives, so this is intended to be instructional and give you some ideas to consider about what needs attention.

high performance assessment tile

Higher performing people actively engage in the following behaviors. Use the assessment below to get feedback on how well you practice high-performance behaviors.