There are a lot of books of training games out there, but in keeping with the theme of fun that I have been on recently, here is a quickie review of a book called Laugh and Learn by Doni Tamblyn. Ms. Tamblyn says “Research reveals that laughing reduces the outputRead More →

From time to time, people ask me for a reading list or how to get education as an organizational change practitioner or consultant. For an extended path, here are some starting points. Reading Classics Managing at the Speed of Change (Daryl Conner) Leading Change (John Kotter) Transitions (William Bridges) ReframingRead More →

Last year there was an article in Time about how the Obama administration was consulting experts in the science of influence to devise campaign strategies. The work of Robert Cialdini was mentioned, and I’ve since read his book Influence and thought it was excellent. Additionally, the article said The existenceRead More →

The problem with getting people to change might be that we don’t make it fun enough. Check out this video below, where some people wanted to get more people using the stairs rather than the escalator. httpv:// This was part of a contest called “The Fun Theory.” Here are theRead More →

Organizational change initiatives need active change leadership. While they also need strong engagement from all levels of the organization, several studies have indicated that absence of vigorous change leadership, often called sponsorship, is one of the prime causes of the failure of change initiatives. Often, the problem is that whileRead More →