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Changing Minds in Organizations

In the practice of organizational change, we are trying to get people to change their minds about how they are currently acting and adopt a new behavior. Well-known Harvard Professor Howard Gardner, in his book Changing Minds, offers seven “Rs” for getting people to change their minds.
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  • Reason. It has to be rational and make sense.
  • Research. It should be based on research that people accept.
  • Resonance. It needs to align to their personal goals and situation.
  • Representational re-description. The same information presented different ways is more convincing.
  • Resources and Rewards. There needs to be sufficient resources to get the new task done, and sufficient rewards, or benefit, to doing it.
  • Resistances. The concerns, both imagined and real, must be dealt with.
  • Real World Events. The overall context and situation can affect the viability of the change. For example, during wars or recessions, people will have their focus elsewhere

Free Google Books Version (also has link to buy e-book)

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