Doug Walton, PhD

Doug is an organizational change consultant with over 30 years experience. He is a change strategist and innovator with extensive knowledge of organizational change practices and methods.

Doug passionate about empowering people to consciously change their world for the better. He is an innovator in approaches for accelerated and sustained organizational change and development that provide significant business value. He has extensive knowledge of the organizational change methods and their practical, science-based applications. He is also a collaborator with senior leadership teams to drive data-based organizational improvement strategies and develop organizational change capability.

For more than 20 years, Dr. Walton has been integrating the latest scientific research into effective and practical change methods.  These approaches have been honed at some of most well-known companies in the world like Cisco Systems, Lucent Technologies, Memorex, and The Clorox Company. Additionally, he is an adjunct professor in change leadership at Saybrook University where he has taught many graduate students the principles of effective organizational change. He holds a PhD in organizational systems and a master’s degree in information technology from Harvard University.

Doug's new book on practical change management methods for everyone will be published in September 2018. Please join our mailing list to be informed of the exact date and get discount offers.





Doug is also deeply interested in how technology shapes global democracy and can be used to improve it.

His first book, Internet-based Framework for Empowering Social Change- An Application of the Principles and Methodologies of Human Systems Design is now available. He has also published a number of articles. Two that were published during the last few years are listed below.


Recently, a chapter that he co-wrote came out in the second volume of Dialogue as a Collective Means of Design Conversation.