Mia Aittola, MS

Inner Leadership & Transformation Coach. Transformational coaching for deeper purpose and heart-based success. Learn conscious creation of your future and transform what holds you back with the power of inner leadership skills. Be the Leader of Your Life!

Mia is here to support you all the way if you desire to make a breakthrough to a more fulfilling life and success that is aligned with your deeper values.

For over 20 years, she has worked in the field of human change in both personal and organizational contexts. She is passionate about witnessing transformational shifts that occur when people connect with their true self and begin to create their lives from inside out.

Having lived in Asia for several years (1997-2015) and working there as self-employed coach, she enjoys connecting with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds. She continues to collaborate with network partners locally and globally.

Mia’s specialties include integrating consciousness skills into life, work and business; career coaching; inner leadership skills; conscious dialogue tools for leaders and professionals.


She is als the main creator of the Heart@Purpose™ programs and related facilitator training, offering tools for self-awareness, inner leadership, conscious dialogue and transformational change with individuals, teams and organizations.


A client’s story: I had the pleasure to work with Mia, in her co-founder role at Mirror CoCreation Oy …  Leadership development was one of many different elements in the program. Mia, with her natural down to earth approach in side coaching my leaders was really great and appreciated. Presence and Mindfulness was introduced and well received by Mia. I highly recommend Mia for leaders needing an objective partner and coach supporting leadership development.

Mia holds a Master of Science in Economics and is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
​She is based in Finland and co-creating globally.

See more: www.linkedin.com/in/mia-aittola