Mia Aittola MS

Transformation Coach and Conscious Dialogue Facilitator; MS (econ.) Certified Professional Coach CPC

Mia offers the Master Your Energy – Live Your Purpose  Personal Coaching Program (click to read more)

Mia is here to support you all the way to create a fulfilling life, relationships and success that is aligned with your authentic self. She helps you transform from inside out by mastering your energy and your inner and outer dialogue.

When seeking a deeper purpose in the hectic world, she guides you how to tap your greater gifts and your unique contribution to the world. She believes that whatever we are facing, that can be used as a gateway to the next level of potential.

Mia was born and currently lives in Finland. Holding a degree in economics (human resources), her deeper passion has always been to understand human consciousness, energy and how to catalyze transformative shifts. Hence, she has continued to study these fields from various perspectives while practicing a conscious path of inner growth herself. For over 20 years, her career too has involved personal and organizational change in a variety of contexts and roles.

A major turning point in her life was living in Singapore (-97-2005) and working in its multi-cultural environment. It was there that she first started out as business owner in the self-development field. Those years catalyzed her love for deep dialogues with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Since then, she has enjoyed co-creating with global networks and clients from across the world.

More recently, she has been a partner in two consulting companies in Finland, and in one of them the co-founder. Her work there was focused on coaching and team facilitation with global companies and organizations undergoing change initiatives. She has also offered services as career coach and trainer in a local career coaching company, and as a visiting trainer-coach in the Executive MBA programs of the University of Lapland in Finland.

Her specialties include: coaching and facilitating people in change to liberate potential for conscious growth; integrating consciousness skills and mindfulness into personal life, work and business; purpose-based career coaching; conscious dialogue and coaching skills; inner leadership skills: living and working from purpose, values and wellbeing; personal energy mastery, stress management, work-life integration.

She is also the creator of the Heart@Purpose™ programs and facilitator training with tools for self-awareness, conscious dialogue and purpose-driven transformational change for individuals, teams and organizations. The mission is to serve as a catalyst of purpose, conscious dialogue and heart-centered evolution in the world.

We are all co-creators of the future of our Planet and miracles begin to happen when we join forces in the unified field of shared purpose and diverse gifts.

Contact: mia.aittola@heartflame.fi