Coaching for Purpose & Energy Mastery

Personal Coaching With Mia Aittola

Transformation Coach & Conscious Dialogue Facilitator, MS CPC

  • Have you reached a lot in your career and life, and yet something is missing?
  • Is your current way of life depleting your resources without giving a real sense of fulfillment?
  • Do you long for a deeper meaning or a renewed passion for life?
  • Are you wondering if you have lost connection to your true self over the years?
  • Do you hear an inner call to contribute to something bigger with your unique gifts?
  • Are you telling yourself that there is no time now to make changes …?

What if You Could Align Your Life, Work and Relationships With Your Authentic Self? 

Your crises of meaning may become a source of a breakthrough to the next state of being. When you are ready to look within and begin a conscious dialogue with your inner self. Connecting with what’s real and aligned with who you truly are.

Many successful, sensitive women and men have ended up closing their hearts in the success game. We are culturally conditioned to live in the rational logic of our heads and keep feelings out of the workplace.

As an outcome, we have been cut off not only from our deeper needs and true fulfillment but also from our greater intelligence, intuition and creative powers.

What if you could reconnect with your heart and learn to harness your higher intelligence for personal, professional and relationship fulfillment? What could be possible if you recreated your life from authentic values and your true strengths?

We all have some unique gift to offer to the world that needs our resources more than ever. However, you can only access your greater potential when living from a place of wholeness and being true to who you are.

It calls for courage and commitment, but the rewards could be invaluable. You may see that not only your personal life transforms but your career too will shift to a new level of heart-based success.

Are you ready to say YES to your heart and your greater destiny?

Read below more about our Coaching Program to support your journey.

Master Your Energy – Live Your Purpose Program

This program offers you the tools and individualized support for a breakthrough transformation to your next state of being.

The crucial key to a lasting change is to look deep enough to shift your inner world and to stay committed long enough to anchor in new habits. That’s often missing in our change attempts with information overflow and apps-centered world.

Therefore, having someone to walk by your side until the inner and outer changes become integrated could be invaluable. Mia is here to do just that, standing up for your highest outcomes, your greatness and well-being.

Master Your Energy – Live Your Purpose Program invites you to –

      • Identify your core values, strengths and needs so you can make choices from a more authentic place.
      • Realize your next point of growth and transform the related beliefs to liberate your greater potential.
      • Discover your deeper WHY, your true calling and your unique contribution to the world.
      • Come up with concrete action steps and support structures to manifest your desired changes.
      • Create ways to continuously nourish your individual sources of creativity.
      • Identify your keys to lead your life and manage your energy optimally in all areas (physical, emotional, mental, personal, social, spiritual).
      • Realize how your relationships are perfect mirrors of your inner world showing your next breakthrough on the path of growth.
      • Learn to relate with others from heart’s presence and co-creative intelligence.
      • Establish a living connection to your inner self with simple energy practices and guided envisioning; learn to use any challenge as a source of transformation and to harness your heart intelligence for your creations.

The final content depends on your individual focus and the length of the journey.

Start with the Foundation Program! Including –

      • Personal coaching sessions online 5 x 1 h
      • Continued email support between sessions
      • Support materials for your inner dialogue and concrete steps;
        including: Heart@Purpose Values Alignment™
      • Guided energy practices and visualization audios

Inspired to know more?

      • Take a Free Personal Energy Flow – Self-Assessment! It leads you through the fields of your life to identify your key areas for creating transformational change (10 min).
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      • Book a Complimentary Energy Flow Session to discuss the assessment results and how you can create an optimal flow of energy through every aspect of your life (30 min).

Looking forward to connecting and co-creating with you!

To Your Success with Heart – Mia
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