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Empowering Personal, Organizational and Social Transformation

Benefits of Learning Conscious Dialogue™

Conscious Dialogue™ could be for you if you are inspired about –

  • creating a space in the busy life to explore your deeper values, purpose, calling, gifts and needs
  • improving your interpersonal and communication skills
  • connecting with a like-minded community and igniting everyone's highest potentials
  • learning the art of inner dialogue to heal unwanted / limiting patterns and consciously create your life
  • knowing how to shift conflicts into empowerment with self and others
  • becoming more aware, present and authentic with yourself and others
  • learning to work with the magic of a unified group field to enhance connection, coherence and co-creative action
  • using the transformational power of conscious dialogue to create positive change in the world.

Conscious Dialogue™ Community Calls

We started our co-creative journey in April 2019, and from there onward, focused monthly on a different topic related to conscious living, personal growth and serving as agents of positive change. The common theme underlying everything else is healing which for us includes physical, emotional, Intellectual and spiritual wellness.

These are interactive sessions in a unified field co-created by those who are present. The purpose is not to teach but rather inspire you to explore what’s meaningful to you. Arrive with an open mind and heart holding an intention that we are all one.

Sessions 2021 - Healing With Conscious Dialogue

The following Sundays: January 24 / February 21 / March 21 / April 18 / May 16 / June 20. Hosts: Dinesh Chandra & Mia Aittola

Join our next session April 18: Claim Your True Power With Love

Click here to join at appointed time: Conscious Dialogue April 18

Sunday April 18 at 9:00 AM CA / 5:00 PM UK / 7:00 PM Finland (75 min)
Hosts: Dinesh Chandra & Mia Aittola

Welcome to our next circle of conscious dialogue to explore what is true power arising from love. Power and love are often seen as mutually exclusive and therefore, many kind-hearted souls deny their true power. That's not serving the highest good as love needs a strong foundation and confidence to shine the light and move heart-centered values into action.

We will co-create a safe intimate space for deep listening and authentic sharing that connects us to a unified field of healing and collective wisdom much needed in this chaotic and polarized world. We invite you to voice your questions, ideas and stories of personal growth, purpose and conscious living. However, speaking is not necessary; you can also contribute by listening with heart and holding a loving space for the whole.

With guided meditation we will reinforce our soulful intentions related to the given topic and transmit healing energy for the world.

Looking forward to healing and co-creating with you!

The call takes place via Zoom (free download). Attend with web camera if possible but it's not necessary.

Some of Our Past Session Topics / Inner Quests 2019-21

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What is Conscious Dialogue™?

Conscious dialogue™ is about being in conscious relationship with everyone and everything in life including ourselves (inner dialogue) and the collective field of the whole. It goes beyond words helping us become aware of the realm of energy and consciousness.

When we are fully present in our bodies with an open heart and mind, a shift in consciousness takes place. The body, mind, heart and soul become one unified whole. A coherent field emerges that catalyzes healing, empowerment and transformative change for all involved, even impacting the world around us. It begins to transcend inner and outer conflicts by shifting disconnected energy to unity consciousness.

Conscious dialogue doesn’t necessarily lead to a shared meaning, but we can recognize our shared humanity with a deeper understanding and respect for one another.

We need conscious dialogue in the polarized world more than ever and people who can facilitate it in the many fields of society, from homes to schools, workplaces and governments, one dialogue at a time.

It also requires that we are willing to heal our own wounds of separation and learn authentic self-expression. With practice, we may become aware of the deeper drivers of our reactions and learn to shift our mindset to embrace all parts of the whole.

All self-realization and personal growth inevitable happen in interaction – “dialogue” – with the world around us. Other people are perfect mirrors of our inner reality, reflecting back our own light or shadows. With that in mind, every interaction may become a gateway to healing and empowerment for self, others and the world around us.

We have chosen a picture of trees to represent the spirit of conscious dialogue (see above). Trees share an intricate web of connection, communication, healing and collaboration underground while reaching together towards the skies.

Read more about our approach in our blog by clicking: The Alchemy of Conscious Dialogue.

Conscious Dialogue™ Programs Upcoming

These programs are for you who want to go deeper to learn the art and practice of conscious dialogue for your personal and professional relationships as well as for healing, transforming and evolving your life and your communities. Become an agent of conscious dialogue in the world. More information to come.

Institute of Conscious Dialogue™

We are in the process of setting up a non-profit organization by the name of Institute of Conscious Dialogue™.

Our mission is to heal the culture of separation and co-create a new story for the world based on human connection, oneness, richness of diversity, meaning and purpose, and well-being for all.

We offer related services, programs and resources for individuals, groups and organizations.

We operate globally online and on-site when opportunity arises. We are currently based in California and Finland with network partners in India. We envision to create a physical site in Northern California – a center to host events and retreats for the Conscious Dialogue™ Community along with other transformative and healing initiatives.

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