Conscious Dialogue™

Empowering Personal, Organizational and Social Transformation

Welcome To Practice Conscious Dialogue™

Conscious Dialogue™ could be for you if you are inspired about –

  • creating a space of presence in the busy life for tuning into what’s important to you
  • exploring your deeper purpose, gifts, desires and needs
  • improving your interpersonal skills and communication to co-create mutual success and fulfillment with others
  • connecting with a like-minded group to ignite one another to your highest potential
  • learning the art of inner dialogue to heal unwanted or limiting patterns
  • consciously create every moment for the highest good of all
  • knowing how to shift conflicts into empowerment with yourself and others
  • becoming more aware, present and authentic
  • learning to work with the magic of a unified group field to enhance connection, coherence and co-creative action
  • using the transformational power of dialogue to create positive change in the world.

Free Conscious Dialogue™ Community Calls

1st/2nd Saturday every month at 9:00 – 10:15 AM PT (CA) / 5:00 – 6:15 PM GMT (London)
Hosts (click names to see profile): Dinesh Chandra, Mia Aittola, Doug Walton

The Dates 2019: 6.4. / 4.5. / 8.6. / 6.7. / 3.8. / 7.9. / 5.10. / 2.11. / 7.12.
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Topic for June – Our Quest: How can I embrace every relationship as a mirror of myself?

June Call is over – topic for July upcoming!
Every month we focus on a different topic related to conscious living, personal growth and serving as agents of positive change in the world.

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Saturday July 6, at 9:00 – 10:15 AM PT (CA) / 5:00 – 6:15 PM GMT (London)

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The Call takes place via Zoom (free download). Attend from your computer, phone or other device. A recording will be sent to those who register.

What Happens on the Call?

We start by introducing our current quest, followed by a guided meditation to tune into presence and your personal meaning of the topic. Then everyone who feels called are invited to share their insights. In the end, we set intentions for ourselves and the world to realize our greater potential related to the topic and to heal any inner or outer conflicts around it.

Guidelines For Participation

Every call creates a unified group field among those who are present. Arrive as you are with an open mind and heart. You can participate with your presence and inner dialogue or by sharing your insights in the group. We’ll create an atmosphere of trust honoring the unique perspective and gifts that each brings to the whole. We practice deep listening, heart-centered presence and authentic self-expression.

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What is Conscious Dialogue™

By conscious dialogue™ we don’t mean just dialogue with others but also dialogue with self (inner dialogue) and with the collective field of the whole.

When we are fully present with self and others, a shift in consciousness takes place. A unified coherent field emerges that catalyzes transformative change, healing and empowerment within self and between people. It begins to transcend our inner and outer conflicts by bringing parts into a unified whole. It doesn’t always lead to a shared meaning with others, but we can recognize our shared humanity with a deeper understanding and respect for one another.

We need conscious dialogue in the polarized world more than ever with people who can facilitate it in the many fields of society, from homes to schools, workplaces and governments, one dialogue at a time.

It also requires that we are willing to heal our own wounds of separation and learn authentic self-expression. That’s the art and practice of conscious self-dialogue, to become aware of the deeper drivers of our reactions and to embrace our whole selves.

All self-realization and personal growth inevitable happens in interaction – “dialogue” – with the world around us. Other people are the perfect mirrors of our inner reality and what is seeking integration inside us. With that in mind, every interaction may become a gateway to healing and empowerment for self, others and the world around us.

We have chosen a picture of trees to represent the spirit of conscious dialogue (see above). Trees share an intricate web of connection, communication, healing and collaboration underground while reaching together towards the skies.

Read more about our approach in our blog by clicking: The Alchemy of Conscious Dialogue.

Conscious Dialogue™ Programs Upcoming

These programs are for you who want to go deeper, and learn the art and practice of conscious dialogue for your personal growth, relationships and to become a conscious dialogue agent in your communities and the world. More information to come.

  • Conscious Dialogue™ online courses combined with personal / group coaching on personal transformation, living on purpose, empowered relationships and conscious leadership (later in 2019).
  • Conscious Dialogue™ Facilitator Program taking all that further and deeper to guide others in conscious dialogue (in 2020).

Institute of Conscious Dialogue™

We are in the process of becoming a non-profit organization by the name of Institute of Conscious Dialogue™.

Our mission is to heal the culture of separation and co-create a new story for humanity based on oneness, connection, richness of diversity, meaning and purpose, and well-being for all. We offer services, programs and resources that empower conscious change and evolutionary growth for individuals, groups and organizations.

We operate globally online and on-site in California, Europe and world-wide when opportunities arise. Part of our vision of the future is to create a physical site for the Institute and the Community in the redwoods of Northern California – a center to host events and retreats related to Conscious Dialogue™ along with other transformative and healing initiatives.

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Photo Credit: Casey Horner on Unsplash.