Adaptive, Right-Sized Services for Every Need

Do you need help to get your change initiative accomplished? We can provide on-demand change services for every need. From professional coaching, comunications, and training to advanced analytics, we can help you assess what you need and deliver practial, no-nonsense, targeted services.

On-Demand Services

These services can be called on at the point-of-need. They can be defined with clear inputs and outputs.


Well-crafted communications just have more pizzazz. They get better response, longer retention, and reduced ambiguity. We can provide all forms of business writing, from very technical topics about today’s digital technologies to the “sticky” messages that create change. The types of deliverables we can provide include the following:

  • Mass email
  • Installation instructions
  • Job aids
  • Videos


It doesn’t matter how much content you have,  it has to stick to make the difference. Let us work with you to create fun, engaging training that develops critical skills in your organization.

  • Webinars
  • Live workshops
  • Interactive recordings
  • Learning games

People Analytics

Understand your clients, employees and stakeholders better. Our approaches combine qualitative and quantitative methods with advanced analytics to produce new and scientifically grounded insights.

  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Data capture & wrangling
  • Predictive analytics


Get one-on-one coaching on solving pressing business issues. Get clear on your goals. Deal with difficult people. Build relationships and learn to develop a high-performing team.

  • Mass email
  • Installation instructions
  • Job aids
  • Videos

Strategic Planning

Strategic clarity and shared understanding with your team enable strong performance. We can work with you to develop innovative ideas and a solid action plan for meeting your organization’s goals.

  • Generating innovation
  • Assessment of strategic position
  • Analysis of alternative scenarios

High Performing Teams

Learn to perform better as a team. Identify the team behaviors that are limiting performance and remove them. Resolve team communications problems and improve morale.

  • Innovation
  • Organizational Design
  • Team development
  • Videos