Game Ideas for Enhanced Learning

Many years ago, a clever fellow named Thiagi conducted a seminar for my work group. At the start, he asked, “what are your requirements for this training?” and he had us each write a requirement on a blank piece of standard copier paper. Then, we walked around the room and compared ideas with other people in pairs. Each time, we kept the best of the two ideas and tossed the other on the floor, until we had interactively sorted out a handful of the most preferred ideas.

Thiagi’s passion was creating fun, interactive games. He used a wooden railroad whistle to start and stop activities and gave us a business card printed on the back of a playing card. I think his tie also had playing cards on it. He was hilarious, a combination magician-professor.

Many organizational change situations call for a limited scale training to be conducted. For example, you may need to explain a new process, a new policy, or new skills for dealing with clients. Although it is tempting to create some Powerpoint slides and present them, the training can be enhanced by introducing simple, interactive games that enable the learners to interact with the content. Adults will learn better and in a more lasting way if they are engaged with the content through games.

These games don’t have to be super sophisticated–just enough to make the learning a little more fun. You can get Thiagi to help you and you can also avail yourself of the database of free ideas that he has on his website. I’ve used variations of many of them over the years with great success. Or you can buy his book.

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