Generating Change

What if you could get your organization and community to change for the better? If you believe your organization or community should provide a better service to customers, clients, or constituents, this is a book for you.  Learn to be the catalyst for positively changing the human systems you live in without being the chief executive or having prior education.

Practical Methods for Anybody

This recently released book, Generating Change: Anywhere, Anytime, by Anybody, offers fundamental, science-based, practical approaches for you to create change in any kind of human organization. Real change situations are often messy, and this book enables you to assess the situation and apply best practices that work, and you do not need to be the CEO to apply them! This book is packed with advice, techniques, and concepts in a concise, easily learnable format that can be used in any kind of human endeavor, whether businesses, non-profits, government agencies, churches, or local communities.

What You Will Learn

  • Crafting a compelling message about the change
  • Convening a core group
  • Architecting collaboration with others
  • Building agreements in large groups
  • Galvanizing a strong sense of ownership for the change
  • Understanding the motivations or fears of stakeholders
  • Developing commitment to the change