Generating Change

Real-life change is messy. Conditions change, schedules shift, and people come and go along the way.

This book, Generating Change: Anytime, Anywhere, by Anybody by Doug Walton offers fundamental, science-based, practical approaches for anyone to create change in any kind of human organization. You learn to be empowered to move the change forward by building leadership and cross-functional support. Whether you are the CEO or program manager with little or no initial leadership support, you can learn what it takes to wield your influence and operationalize a successful change.

Rather than dogmatically following a set of steps, the book teaches you to recognize the critical success factors of change and apply core practices as needed. In this way, the practices can be applied to any change situation as needed. Moreover, each practice packed with advice from years of experience in real-world situations. You learn techniques with just enough concepts for you apply to your situation, whether a business, non-profit, government agency, church, or local community.

Learn to craft a compelling message about the change, convene a core group, architect collaboration with others, understand the motivations or fears of stakeholders, and effectively execute the change in any situation. Enhance your leadership skills and accelerate positive change in the world around you.