We guide individuals and organizations in using the pressure of exponential change to upgrade their wellness, performance and consciousness.

Generate a world of wellness within your organization and watch high performance, innovation, and the ability to attract and retain top talent significantly increase.

Generate a world of wellness within your organization and watch individuals regain their health, develop a calm and centered  presence, raise their consciousness and manifest more of their potential.

Change your all-in culture to an ALL’S  WELL one and you'll best position your organization to generate a positive profitable future

Integrative Wellness

Global Integrative Wellness Network works with conscious leaders in providing services for their organizations and associates, Our programs guide them in skillfully moving through the winds of change by enhancing balance, resilience, and integration

Integrative Wellness requires a partnership between the organization and the individual. The organization needs to provide a resilient culture that supports wellness and associates at all levels need to take ownership for their health and commit to Self-care. When this occurs, the extraordinary is unleashed.


Integrative Wellness Offerings

Our comprehensive wellness program integrates the needs of the organization with that of the individual in service of the greater good. We offer programs for individuals and organizations.

For Individuals

For Organizations

Wellness includes physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual/energy aspects of our lives. Further to that, wellness is connected to our relationships with others, our finances, our work, and to Mother Earth. Thus, we offer a range of trainings in all of these areas.

As each aspect of our lives may affect another aspect, their aligned integration is essential to living healthy, meaningful, and joyous lives. Therefore, integrated wellness is our ultimate approach in all programs. It calls for a mindset of unity consciousness, an ability to see and care for the whole instead of only parts.

In the future, exponential change will not only continue, but it will also accelerate. How you handle it matters. By improving your well-being and resilience in all dimensions of your life you can face any future with courage and joy while raising your consciousness.

“Committing to your wellness is an expression of Self-love.”

How We Are Different

We Provide a Shared Ownership Process to Develop An All’s Well Culture

In our forty years of experience as change consultants to world-class companies, we have seen that those organizations which encourage their stakeholders to have a voice in creating the future are most successful in creating a resilient culture and positive tomorrows,.

These days many associates are contemplating their preference for in-person vs.remote work, questioning whether their work contributes to the greater good, dealing with issues of inclusion, seeking work/life balance, and wondering whether they want to continue participating in the all-in culture of most organizations. Polls and surveys only tell part of the story.

To create an organizational culture that significantly supports well-being while enhancing productivity, engagement, company loyalty, and innovation, we provide a tested and proven process in which we bring everyone together in person or virtually to create a bridge to the future.  We call this process Shared Ownership for Success.

Through micro-steps and deep-dive programs, we help associates develop healthy habits that reduce stress and enhance well-being.

In this fast-paced and often overwhelming world, little changes in behavior /micro-steps can, over time, help bring you back to balance and may lead to big results. However, when the hurricane-force winds of change blow, you need deep roots to remain calm, centered, and decisive. Thus, for those who are ready to go beyond micro-steps and take an exponential leap in their development, we also offer Interactive Deep Dive Embodiment Programs which imprint more effective responses on the nervous system to challenging situations and crises.

We help you develop an in-house wellness community in which leaders serve as role models.

Research shows that having a support system significantly helps in reducing stress. This support starts with leaders modeling  Self-care. Yet, many leaders are not willing to be open about their stress level and their need for Self-care as they fear it may be construed by some as weakness. This belief ripples through the organization limiting associates' willingness to share their wellness concerns and needs. The result is often widespread burnout.

To eliminate this stigma of stress we offer leadership coaching and training. Our senior-level coaches are masters at getting to the heart of the matter. They quickly perceive beyond your presenting concern to uncover the core issue that keeps you stuck in limiting stressful patterns. We also provide an embodied approach that teaches how to use pressure- the energy of change- to enhance performance and well-being while evolving states of consciousness.

We offer processes and activities that energize associates, enhance emotional connectivity, and promote conversations that matter. These  include

  • Breakfast of Champions in which department elected associates have breakfast with the CEO or other top leaders to discuss the organization's wellness culture.
  • A company Gratitude Log-In which anyone can share their wellness achievements be they big or small.
  • Appreciation rituals
  • Weekly virtual meditation sessions
  • Awesome reports
  • A system of support partners to help people onboard