Inner Leadership Assessment

Inner Leadership Assessment

  • This assessment contains thirty-six statements describing six different fields of your life (six colours). Your task is to evaluate the statements based on how you feel about your life in the present moment.

    The scale for each statement is 0–4.!

    0 = the statement does not describe at all the way things are in my life
    4 = the statement describes exactly the way things are in my life


    This is not an objective test but your own subjective feeling about your life situation – how satisfied you are with the different aspects of your life. It’s also natural that some statements and life areas seem more important to you than others.

    This assessment does not measure your personal characteristics or talents and will not place you into any pre-defined category. Instead, the purpose is to help you become aware - how you lead your life and manage your energy in the different arenas of life in the present moment. It will serve as a basis for enhancing your wellbeing and inner leadership skills.

    In the end, there are reflective questions for deepening your self-awareness on each life area and for setting intentions to improve your inner leadership.

  • Physical Field

  • Emotional Field

  • Professional Field

  • Social Field

  • Mental Field

  • Spiritual lField

  • Your total points in each life area are summarized below. Review your total points of the six life areas (colours) in the assessment (maximum 24 points/area)

    Your points will give insight into those life areas that are in good balance and those that offer keys to improving your inner leadership. Even more important than the points are the individual questions that reveal the exact fields needing your attention.

    select those areas in which you want to make changes to improve your life quality and inner leadership. Focus on 1-2 areas at a time by setting your desired state and action steps to support it. Focus on that which will make the greatest impact and which you can influence by your own actions.