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Private Sessions

private sessions

Get 1-on-1 coaching through a private discussion board between you and one of our coaches. The enables,

  • Questions to be asked and answered
  • Feedback to be given on files like plans, presentations, and assessments
  • Templates and examples to be provided on request, based on your needs.

Premium Content


Members will have access to premium content, including:

  • Detailed organizational change practices
  • Templates for practices like stakeholder analysis, change plans, training plans, and more
  • Online assessments for such as evaluating readiness, gauging leadership engagement, and change planning. Use them yourself or send them to your team to get feedback from everyone
  • Our database of group activities such as icebreakers and understanding team communication preferences




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Why Free?

Why is it free? Well it won't be for everyone, but for a limited number of inaugural members, it is. So anyone who signs up now gets is free for life, so long as you don't violate our very reasonable rules.

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