Indu Agarwal


Indu is a proud product of East and West--born in India, educated in California. She raised twins while managing a successful engineering career in Silicon Valley until the stress and denial of it impacted her health, causing panic attacks, IBS, and glaucoma among others. She came to believe that for long-term healing she would need more than western medicine During an intense episode of sciatica pain, she experienced an epiphany that launched an inward journey. This led to a breakthrough and a miracle!  Pain became a window into the Life's calling into energy healing and meditation.

Indu is proud to say that her story is now the international best-selling book, Break Free to Stand in Your Power.

She is certified in corporate mindfulness techniques, Teen Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and the BodyTalk system. She has been teaching mindfulness for the last 6 years.

She wants to share her passion with you. Are you ready?