Personal Energy Flow Self-Assessment

  • This assessment contains 36 statements divided into 6 fields describing the different aspects of your life: physical, emotional, professional, social, mental and spiritual.

    Your task is to evaluate the statements based on how you feel about your life in the present moment.

    The scale for each statement is 0–4.

    0 = the statement does not describe at all the way things are in my life
    4 = the statement describes exactly the way things are in my life

    Note! Move the slider to the number that indicates your choice. The numbers will show up when moving the slider to the right.

    Tune within to reflect on your life and the way you experience things here and now. It’s natural that some statements and life areas seem more important to you than others.

    The purpose of the assessment is to become aware of the factors affecting your overall wellbeing and life satisfaction. It helps you realize how you lead your life and manage your energy across the different arenas of life.

    Based on the results of the assessment, you can identify your key areas for change to create a balanced energy flow through all aspects of your life. That in turn will lead to improved wellbeing and better results in whatever is important to you.

  • Physical Field

  • Emotional Field

  • Professional Field

  • Social Field

  • Mental Field

  • Spiritual Field

  • Please give your email address below and submit your assessment.

    You will then receive a summary of your results with an opportunity to book a Complimentary Coaching Session with Mia Aittola (online 30 min).

    In this session, you will get to discuss the assessment results and how you can create an optimal flow of energy through every aspect of your life.

    You can read more about Mia’s approach here.