In these tough times, it is time for us to come together as nations and a planet. Numerous forces are trying to divide us, but we need to join together.

Engage in Positive Political Dialogue

Are you satisfied with the direction of your country or the world? These days, a lot of people are unsatisfied. In the United States, according to the polling giant Gallup, satisfaction with the direction of the country has been less than 50% for over 15 years.

But the solution is not insisting on one way and marshaling power to overcome the other side. Not at all. The solution is working together to co-create a better future for all.

For this, we need to advocate principles of constructive dialogue, such as the following:


Know the facts - Don’t let others polarize you. The media, campaign strategists, politicians, foreign intelligence, and other special interests groups have their own agendas. They are very skilled at influencing others. But you can counteract this by asking questions, verifying what is said, and thinking about what really makes sense.


Engage in dialogue. Before criticizing others, seek to understand why what they are saying makes sense to them. Assume they have positive intentions.


Amplify the positive. Rather than focus on what is wrong, we need to focus on what is right and nurture it.

Research has shown that Americans live one of the most polarized times in history. When the people are thus polarized, then the expression of the people’s will becomes a contest of power Either change is left to chance, or one side “wins” through some form of legal, political, or even physical force. This will not result in a sustainable society. It will result in collapse, which in the end will be worse for everyone.

Empowerment to the People!

Here are some actions you can take now for further research.

  • For a good book on how to conduct effective dialogue about organizational and political issues, see Yankelovich's Magic of Dialogue.
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  • Think about joining our conscious dialogue group if you want to improve your self dialogue. Being able to conduct dialogue effectively is related to the dialogue we have with ourselves.

Engage in Positive Political Dialogue

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