Successful Change Coaching

Could you benefit from help in planning or leading an organizational change initiative?

Changing organizations always starts with ourselves, and getting clear on the appropriate strategies and methods for change is an activity often best done with input from trusted advisors who can give objective feedback based on experience and modern science. Situations are always different, and it is usually more efficient to get specific, applicable advice from an experienced change practitioner.

Through 1-on-1 sessions, we can collaborate with you on the following:

  • Design change strategies that are suitable and right-sized for your initiative
  • Build high-performing and change-ready teams
  • Collaborate on effective methods for dealing with difficult situations
  • Develop organizational design approaches

Sessions are offered online and can also be conducted face-to-face for clients in San Francisco Bay Area. You can schedule sessions one at a time, or arrange multiple sessions at once to get a discount.

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