Training Yourself as a Change Agent

From time to time, people ask me for a reading list or how to get education as an organizational change practitioner or consultant.

For an extended path, here are some starting points.



  • Managing at the Speed of Change (Daryl Conner)
  • Leading Change (John Kotter)
  • Transitions (William Bridges)
  • Reframing Organizations (Bolman and Deal)
  • Flawless Consulting (Peter Block)
  • The Fifth Discipline (Peter Senge)
  • Diffusion of Innovations (Everett Rogers) [A Must Read]

Organizational Change

  • The Seven C’s of Consulting (Mick Cope)
  • The Dance of Change (Senge)
  • Getting Your Organization to Change (Dennis Jaffe & Cynthia Scott)
  • Leading Corporate Transformation (Robert Miles)
  • Viral Change (Leandro Herrero)

How People Change

  • Changing minds (Howard Gardner)
  • Real-time Strategic Change (Robert Jacobs)
  • Influence (Robert Cialdini)
  • Influencers (Kerry Patterson, et al.)
  • Covert Processes in Organizations (Robert Marsh)


  • National Training Laboratories, one of the oldest and most venerable institutions in the organizational development world.
  • ProSci – I haven’t tried it but a number of people in the Cisco change community like it.

Graduate Education

And if you want to take it beyond training yourself, you can get an MA or PhD here:
Saybrook University, Organizational Systems program

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