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LarryEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Years

My wife Patti, age 66, and I, age 70, have provided a lot of care for our son, 35, since he was born with various medical issues (left-side paralysis, hydrocephalus, epilepsy, etc); he lives independently with some support, but is a happy guy and a source of joy for us. We FaceTime him most days at dinnertime, and spend a day each week helping him with meals and housework.

The last couple years my wife has been having more issues with memory and ability to plan things. I suspect this is probably Alzheimers, she does have a genetic predisposition for it, and all our children also comment about her memory issues. She can still travel and does a lot of the work in our home that is pretty routine like cleaning and gardening, while I do the cooking, finance, travel planning, etc. Anyway, I have been taking on more "care" and imagine that will increase year by year.

Patti has had a couple cancer scares, but is currently cancer-free, is in good physical shape, likes to hike, etc. I got her doctor to give her a short memory test, but Patti resisted follow up, so we have no diagnosis presently.

JanEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Years

I was caring for my husband until he died


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RobinEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Years

I am caring for my boyfriend, who has long-haul COVID.

It's better, but he still cannot work and has numerous health issues

Fred #2Email hidden; Javascript is required.A few weeks



NameEmailTime CaregivingRelationshipHealth of Caree