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The Amazing 12-Week Habit Transformation Program

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Create the Change that Will Transform Your Life

Do you want to create great things in your life? Then this course is for you. Whether the changes you want to make are big or small, they all start with changing habits, and research of successful people shows that developing the muscle to make simple habit changes that are right in front of you can lead to phenomenal future success.

Start the Domino Effect

Each well-chosen habit change creates a domino effect or compounding of good in your life. So in this course, we will explore how to choose those habits and integrate them into our lives. To do this, we will start with easy steps to create the motivation to go forward. This is followed by building successive techniques to sharpen our direction, keep on track, build support, and generate compounding success.

About the Course

The material is presented in a series 12 small steps that will be released to you each week. This enables you to focus on mastering each element of the habit change process.

Each step contains a small amount of learning in the form of reading, videos, or audios, and in some cases live content and coaching. This is followed by an activity to try, and a way to track progress on it. Finally you will get a chance to reflect on how you did and adapt.

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