Review of Laugh and Learn

Laugh and learn book coverThere are a lot of books of training games out there, but in keeping with the theme of fun that I have been on recently, here is a quickie review of a book called Laugh and Learn by Doni Tamblyn. Ms. Tamblyn says

“Research reveals that laughing reduces the output of negative stress chemicals in the brain, while it dramatically improves cognitive and creative thinking…More than ever, humor has become an indispensable business skill. Used appropriately, humor helps people work better, think better, and get along better. And it sure as heck makes life a lot more worth living!”

That’s a sentiment that I love.

Doni Tambleyn is an internationally-published author, a professional speaker, trainer, comedian, singer, and former commercial actor who was also instrumental in introducing comedy to California’s traffic safety classes. Her book takes advantage of that rich background to provide training and learning ideas that are not only effective, but fun. She says the reasons to use humor are the following:

  • Is easy and everyone is good at it
  • Reduces stress and threat
  • Draws people together
  • Invokes relevancy and visual memory
  • Engages emotion
  • Allows brain to take regular “breathers” for meaning-making, heightened attention, and review
  • Is intrinsically motivating

I appreciated that this book starts off talking about about adult learning theory. Then, the book continues with 95 fun-based training games. You can get a sample of it on Google Books. If you have a need for this kind of thing, its a worthy add to your collection! There is also PDF from a presentation at ASTD here, which has a few games.

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