Values Alignment, Part 2

Heart@Purpose Values Alignment (TM) Part 2

Your Self-Discovery & Transformation Journey

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  • Welcome

    This journey will guide you to the sources of your motivations, strengths and needs to realize what’s true and authentic to you. It will also help you identify your blind spots and overreactions in situations where life or social interactions throw you off from balance.

    Understanding your instinctual responses enables you to use it all as source of potential for transformation and healing.

    And once you know your core values, you can begin to make choices aligned with your authentic self.

    It becomes like an inner compass and navigation system that guides you towards your center and true North in all situations.

  • How to Proceed

    The journey consists of reflective questions, each followed by six colors and a selection of key words for you to choose from. Simply follow the instructions given with each question.

    At the end of the journey, discuss the outcomes with your Coach. Together, you can explore how to harness your core values to support your visions, dreams and goals.

    Your Coach will also help you shift limiting beliefs and patterns, so you will have increased freedom to express your true potential and purpose.

    Let’s begin -

    Make sure you’ll have an undisturbed space for some 30 minutes just for yourself. Then take a deep breath, relax and tune in to explore what’s important to you…

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