multiracial colleagues shaking hands at work

The 5 Cs of Trust

I found this interesting little bit from the esteemed management guru Warren Bennis in my notes. These are Bennis's five elements of establishing trusting relationships between managers and staff.

  • Competence. The leader has to be capable, skilled, and able to make up his or her own mind.
  • Constancy. Although leaders must always adapt to the circumstances, their principles and standards of behavior should have a constancy that people can rely on.
  • Caring. The leader should be caring. Caring is compassion, empathy, and the capacity to understand what other people are feeling.
  • Candor. Candor is about being truthful and speaking up when things are not right.
  • Character. Leaders should have discipline and integrity. They should be able to face adversity and to learn and grow in good times and bad.

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