The Gift of Crisis

Discover Your Purpose and Contribute to the New World

These Are Unprecedented Times

We live unprecedented times, no question about it. The world as we knew it has disappeared and the future is more unpredictable than ever. It is only natural to get triggered by anxiety, insecurity, and confusion.

External events are not now and have never been in our control. What is however our choice is the story we tell ourselves about it. And the actions we take as result.

Crises may lead to an inner breakdown – or a breakthrough. Which is your story?

One of the hardest points of making desired changes in our lives is to let go of old familiar patterns. Now, the old has gone whether we are ready or not. That is the gift of crises. It forces us to leave the old behind and redefine our place in the world.

  • What could be the gift of this crises to you?
  • What could become possible if you use this as an opportunity to step into your greater purpose?
  • What part of your old mindset would need to shift?
  • What could become your new conscious story?

If you have like many others felt trapped in a reality that doesn’t feed your soul or provide a deeper meaning – this could be your turning point to a new life that is calling you!


It's time to come out of your shell!

This is for you if...

  • you feel that something deeper is missing in your life even if you have achieved a lot
  • you search for a deeper meaning in the crises and a breakthrough to your greater purpose
  • you are aware of a purpose that is calling you but haven’t been able to manifest it or feel trapped by the current state of the world
  • you feel called to co-create a new world that works better for all
  • you long to discover your highest gifts, best strengths, and sources of creativity that make up your unique contribution
  • you are willing to honor your authentic values, needs and holistic wellbeing
  • you are willing to take full responsibility for doing the inner work to make the changes that are calling you
  • you would love to be part of a group of like-minded people growing together and supporting one another through online dialogue
  • you would appreciate having an experienced Coach (or three!) to guide you through a transformation journey to discover, claim and embody your greatest future.

You Can Turn Crisis into Opportunity

After completing the program –

  • You will have a deeper sense of purpose with a purpose statement outlined …
  • You will have discovered your best strengths and gifts…..
  • Heart@Purpose Values Process … for …. (Valued at X $)
  • Something from Doug? (Valued at X $)
  • Something from Dinesh? (Valued at X $)

Meet Your Coaches

Mia Aittola

Transformation Coach

Dinesh Chandra, MBA

Transformation Coach

Doug Walton, PhD

Organizational Change Coach

An Invitation to A 10-Week Interactive Online Group Coaching Program 

The program features:

  • 10 hours of live group work
  • A guided path to realizing your goals
  • Inspirational and educational videos
  • Powerful self-assessments
  • Engaging learning activities
  • The opportunity to join a support group of like-minded people
  • Opportunity for private 1/1 coaching


Module 1: Setting the Group Field and Intentions

  • Setting intentions personally and together
  • The story of your life
  • What would you like to change in your life?

Module 2: Returning to Presence

  • Shifting from chaos to an inner center
  • Becoming present in our own life

Module 3: Your Authentic Values and Needs

  • What do I truly want in life and why?
  • What does success/happiness / well-being mean to me?

Module 4: Shifting Beliefs – Reclaim Your Power

  • What is preventing you from living the life you want?
  • The power of beliefs
  • From victim to empowerment

Module 5: Healing Your Shadow

  • The dance of darkness and light
  • Controlling vs. embracing
  • Uniting opposites into wholeness

Module 6: Discover Your Purpose and Gifts

  • What could be possible?
  • Embodying new beliefs
  • What ignites your passion and joy?
  • What is calling you – your contribution to a new world

 Module 7: Your Sources of Well-Being and Creativity

  • How to balance purpose and passion with wellbeing?
  • What gives you energy?
  • What liberates your creativity?
  • Learning to identify your stress triggers

Module 8: Your Sources of Abundance

  • Magnetizing wealth and resources from inside out
  • Discovering your money beliefs
  • Reinforcing your self-worth and sense of abundance

Module 9: Designing the Roadmap

  • Envisioning your way ahead
  • Traditional goal vs intention
  • Creating your life from the inside out
  • Power of action – baby-steps, micro-actions

Module 10: Integrating and Embodying Your New Life 

  • There are no mistakes – learning from every experience
  • Letting go and letting come – being in the flow
  • Power of gratitude in manifesting what you want
  • Appreciation of each other – celebrating big and small wins
  • What have we learned? What outcomes do we see in our lives? What is the next step?
  • Reinforcing our dreams
  • Graduation ceremony

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