Following Your Calling / Part 2

In the first part of this article (Living Your Purpose), we explored the difference between the essence ("being") and the many possible forms ("doing") of your purpose. When aligned with your essence, you can live your purpose in the moment and touch others through everything you do. Nothing else is necessarily needed to fulfill your purpose.

It’s also natural that your sense of purpose changes in different life situations. It evolves as you do. The essence may remain the same, but your interpretation of what it means to you and what you want to do about it might change. This came up in our Conscious Dialogue group session too (see Part 1).

Although you can live your purpose without any specific goal, one day life may wake you up with a calling. Whispering about possibilities that strike your heart’s deepest core. It could be an inspired vision or a dream of what might be possible. A call to a new career path or an idea for a business. Perhaps a book waiting to share its message through you.

A calling like that demands a conscious choice. It's a defining moment that will direct your future. These are the crossroads of your life where you may wonder how to recognize the right path.

But what if there are no right or wrong paths? Once again, forms can vary while the essence remains the same. Whatever you choose, it becomes your path of learning exactly those life lessons that await you next.

The true choice you face is between the safety of the present moment and a leap of faith into the unknown. It requires courage to take the first step on a path that is not yet fully visible. And it never is completely. Standing in a place of not knowing is a prerequisite for making your dreams come true. You must leave your comfort zone, jump into the void in order to find your wings. The path of purpose stirs up our deepest fears so that we can claim our true potential.

But the mind is never quite ready. It wants to be in control and know every detail, so you could feel safe. Therefore, let your soul be the guide with the heart as a compass pointing to your highest path. The mind becomes a great ally when grounding your calling into practical reality. All parts of your self are needed to form an empowered team!

The more you are willing to be stretched, the more your reality is going to form around your inner calling, that which ignites your heart and awakens your natural genius. And you may enjoy more of those moments when it feels like living in a zone of flow, ease and grace.

​However, there is always the next vision, goal, realization – and the next learning. Things are never quite complete or perfect in the human terms. You stumble and fall. But deep down, you know. Your life matters. You are living your purpose, moment by moment.

For Your Conscious Inner Dialogue -

Below questions for your reflection in quiet moments of contemplation or meditation.

  • What am I called to become?
  • Where is my next point of growth to realize my higher potential?
  • What do I need here and now for taking the next bold step into the unknown?
  • What might become possible?

Written by Mia Aittola
This is part of a series of articles on Conscious Living co-created by Mia Aittola and Dinesh Chandra inspired by Conscious Dialogue Community CallsOur gratitude goes to all who have participated in co-creating the dialogues. Welcome to join our free monthly sessions! 

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Photo credit: William Poulos / Unsplash

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