Living Your Purpose / Part 1

Your life has a purpose – you have some special gift to contribute to the world. And there is no-one else on earth who could bring forth exactly what you have inside.

How do you then get to know your purpose and gifts?

In our last blog post (Redefining Success), we discussed what happens when life wakes you up to realize that success is no more as it used to be for you. Many today are undergoing a shift in their values and seeking some deeper meaning and purpose.

This time, we had another Conscious Dialogue™ session with a group of people. Our quest for the meeting was: How to live your life aligned with purpose?

A few participants shared that when they were young, their focus was on external success and family. Later, they began to search for a path of their deeper values. Some were able to come up with key words for their purpose in life. For example, inner qualities like joy, love or healing. Others described some concrete task or mission that called them. Someone pointed out that for them purpose covers the relationship with self, others and God.

Overall, purpose seemed to be an attitude of service, willingness to be there for others when need arises. Making the world a better place in our own small ways was also a guiding force for many.

So, it looks like most of us are on a quest of purpose, be it in the form of external success or a deeper meaning and service. No wonder, as having a life that matters is at the core of our human needs.

So, let’s explore this idea of purpose a bit deeper.

What is my Life Purpose? That’s an enormous question for the mind to handle. Hence the mind begins to doubt and rationalize, becoming fixed: “I wonder if I can ever find my purpose… I won’t stop searching until I get it … I’m going to sit on this fence until I’m certain about what I should do”.

For doing is the language the mind comprehends, right? But the essence of purpose is not about doing. It’s more about being. From an authentic being state stems authentic doing that creates a deeper sense of meaning and fulfillment.

The more you chase your purpose, the further it slips away from your reach, as anything you get attached to. Attachment triggers tension, which in turn inhibits the creative flow.

And the more you think about it, the more firmly you get trapped in the brain, which is very limited in its capacity to help you out with inner matters like purpose.

A connection to purpose has always been within you. And inside your heart lies a most intelligent navigation system with a compass that always points to your True North. The heart knows, even if you mind doesn’t. Therefore, an essential task upon your quest of purpose is to align the mind with the heart to access your greater self. We can also call it the realm or the soul.

When aligned with the soul, all that you do radiates the light of your purpose and higher gifts. Every choice you make or meeting with another person, even performing everyday routines. It doesn’t really matter if you can name your purpose or recognize your gifts. It’s the unique quality of energy that you deliver. Perhaps nothing else is required for fulfilling your life’s purpose?

But if you live your life cut off from your soul, the light cannot shine through nor can your purpose guide your actions. No matter how successful you may be.

But how do we live from the soul connected with purpose? 

A great practice to connect with your purpose is meditation. By tuning inside even a few minutes daily, you create a habit of being in touch with your greater presence and gifts. You can also hold a simple question in your heart: How can I be of service today? In this way, you are available for life to serve through you moment by moment.

It’s in the giving that your true gift shows up. And by performing small things with heart, your greater purpose begins to reveal itself. Every encounter with life, nature and another living being can become an expression of your purpose, when you live it consciously with an open heart and mind.

Another great way to ignite your purpose is to simple do what you love. Whatever it is that makes your heart sing and body feel alive is most likely aligned with your deeper purpose and higher gifts. What if your purpose is to enjoy life fully and share your fulfillment with others?

When you begin to move towards a more purposeful life, you may notice a growing sense of inner peace, no matter what happens on the outside. Gradually, external circumstances too will become organized in new ways, for the outer reality always reflects the inner world. New opportunities to harness your true talents may come your way. Unexpected events show up just in time. And you come across with others who share your values and passions. It all happens because you are aligned with your inner self and allow your purpose to serve through you.

Living your purpose doesn’t mean the end of difficulties, as life ever challenges us to grow. More likely, the path of the soul will trigger your shadows and nagging doubts just as it gives you tremendous joy and fulfillment. It becomes a rite of passage challenging you to your limits, so you can release old beliefs about what’s possible and discover your true greatness.

Are you ready to say YES to the challenge, magic and miracle your path of Purpose?

For Your Conscious Inner Dialogue –

So you can fulfill your purpose without consciously knowing it or putting it into words, however it may become a source of inspiration when you do so. Hence, below a couple of questions that you can place in your consciousness in quiet moments of reflection. When you do that on a regular basis, you might begin to recognize a common thread that speaks about your deeper purpose. And yet, you can remain open for new discoveries, allowing the expression of your purpose change and evolve as you do.

  • Here and now, what do I want to create for the highest good of myself and the world?
  • ​What ignites my heart’s joy and passion?
  • ​What do I need for living my life aligned with my soul and a sense of purpose? 
  • You could also ask other people what gifts they have received from you – you might be happily surprised!


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Written by Mia Aittola.
This is part of a series of articles on Conscious Living co-created by Mia Aittola and Dinesh Chandra inspired by Conscious Dialogue Community CallsOur gratitude goes to all who participated in co-creating the dialogue. Welcome to join our free monthly sessions! 

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Photo credit: Jordan Wozniac / Unsplash

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